About Hunston

Professional acoustic components manufacturer – Hunston Electronics

As a reliable and quality manufacturer for full range acoustic components (Magnetic Transducer, Magnetic Buzzer, Piezo Transducer, Piezo Buzzer, Mechanical Buzzer, Speaker (External Magnet Type and Internal Magnet Type), Dynamic Receiver, Condenser Microphone and Ultrasonic Sensor), we give our best to the customers.

HS treasures their customers. To ensure a pleasant servicing experience, quick responses for customer inquiry, competitive prices, on-time delivery and insightful recommendations are the basis of HS. Let alone, HS does differently from the others – they tailor-made for their customers for the design and functions of the OEM products to optimize the customers' benefits.

As a matter of industry trends, HS has been developing many different miniature models, SMD products (SMD buzzer and SMD speaker) to meet the demands for the markets.

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