Hunston Electronics has been maintaining a high quality standard of Piezo Element. Beside, we have been increasing the stability of product. Our engineers continue to strive for develop the best matching between ceramic and metal, to provide the maximum benefits. Full experience production teams provide the professional OEM services, includes soldering the lead wire and assembling the housing. Moreover, different specification piezoceramic ultrasonic element is ready for medical and beauty industrial customers.
 Model No.ShapeMetal Diameter (D1) [mm]Ceramic Diameter (D2) [mm]Total Height (H) [mm]Frequency [MHz]Impedance [ohm]Electrostatic Capacitance [pF]Coupling Coefficient [Kp]Dielectric Loss [tgδ]Materials
PDU160165Circle16111.231.65Max. 15850 +/- 15%Min. 55%Max. 0.50%Ceramic
PDU160170Circle16111.21.2Max. 2.01200 +/- 20%Min. 45%Max. 0.45%Ceramic
PDU200168Circle2013.81.21.68Max. 2.01900 +/- 20%Min. 45%Max. 0.45%Ceramic
PDU250102Circle2523.621.02Max. 1.02500 +/- 20%Min. 53%Max. 0.50%Ceramic
PDU500043Circle50493.50.43Max. 5.06500 +/- 20%Min. 53%Max. 0.50%Ceramic
PDUH220250Half - Moon22-0.812.5Max. 5.01500 +/- 20%Min. 60%Max. 0.03%Ceramic
PDUH220230Half - Moon22-0.663Max. 5.01200 +/- 20%Min. 60%Max. 0.03%Ceramic